Great Barrier Island

A 1 minute read, Posted by Chris Scott on 17 Dec 2016
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I was lucky enough to go on a trip to Great Barrier Island with some friends from work.

Small plane

It was the first time I had been on a small plane but fortunately the weather was perfect and it was a very smooth ride with some incredible views.

On the way to Great Barrier

On Great Barrier we walked to Mount Hobson, starting along Kaitoke Hot Springs Track, then heading east along Tramline Track before heading left at the fork with Peach Tree Track and up to Mt Heale Hut. From there it was a short but very steep up to Mount Hobson and some incredible views over the island.

View from Mount Hobson

On the way back we took a wrong turn down South Fork Track, not realising we had gone the wrong way until we reached a suspension bridge we hadn't crossed on the way up. Luckily we still had time to make it back.



Small plane Flying to Great Barrier View from the hut View from Mount Hobson


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