Kura - Omanawanui Loop

A 1 minute read, Posted by Chris Scott on 24 Dec 2016
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This was a great walk. We had been to Whatipu beach before and really liked it there, so decided to head back and do a walk. We started from Whatipu and took the Kura track first. This track winds its way up through a forest and involved a few stream crossings. At the first of these there were stepping stones so we spent time trying to get across without getting our feet wet.

Stream crossing

We needn't have bothered as there were three more stream crossing in quick succession, with no option but to get your feet wet.

Wet feet

We looped back to the start via the Omanawanui track. This track was stunning, climbing along a ridge with beautiful views over Manukau Harbour and Whatipu. There were even a couple of sections with chains to help climb up and down as it was very steep in places.

Manukau Harbour
The ridge we walked along



Trying to keep feet dry Getting feet wet Manukau Harbour View out to sea We walked over that


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